Monday, 18 May 2009


smell of stale cigarettes,
a tooth ache that kills,
puddles of water at my feet,
clouds moving slowly,
every colour seems brighter,
even black.

birds drying their feathers,
unrecorded thoughts,
slow breathes, deep breathes,
tooth ache still alive,
sounds of water exiting a building,
the after glow of rain,
stillness of trees,
echos of silence.

i am thinking of secrets,
of whispers in someone's ear,
of kisses in between,
of a smile and the successive blush.
....a pause to remember,
to feel the rain,
a kiss to remember, a touch to cherish.
sounds to hear,
music to make,
sights that could bring tears.
rain brings joy,
it brings everything.

rain. bliss.

-18 may 09

1 comment:

Envie said...

Rain... brings too many things back, good and bad. This post reminded me of another piece of yours on rain too :)

It brought a smile to my face. Very well written!