Wednesday, 1 July 2009

3ww: Fickle, Sparkle, Wrinkle

the closer i get you, the more fickle does my mind get,
the door to you is half open,
i want to stop nudging when i am near you,
yet, i want to force open the door to your heart.
you keep me yearning, yet wanting to let go,
your skin, your inviting eyes, doesn't let me stop,
i want more of the sparkle in your soul,
more of your smile, more of your voice.
i am filled with thoughts of you,
of wanting you closer,
closer still, so i can kiss the wrinkle your eyes form when you smile,
closer still, so you can hear my heart racing for you.

come closer.....closer still...this game is getting old..


Bipin Basil said...

i love this one... it has all the feel of a rush, love rush all through your veins, it lays the foundation of a dream - to be built

alice said...

awesome this one is ba... i can just see it :) hugs