Friday, 21 October 2011

poerty for thought

title: that feeling

suddenly i see that i have lost you,
or probably i have lost the idea of you,
and now you have nothing to say to me anymore,
you wonder how you would say anything,
how you would pack all the things you haven't said yet,
how to have a conversation again,
how to smile and nod at irrelevant information about my day.
when did it become about serious, relevant things,
didn't we always find things to laugh about,
talk about, tell each other our experiences with sex,
with love, with lust, with hate, with dreams,
and now, i long for a newsfeed,
a tinkle in my blackberry to notify an email,
but those things have become hope.
but you say you can’t say,
you say you're bursting with things to say,
but you haven't yet,
you don't, and suddenly i feel
you aren't near me anymore,
you don’t hear anymore,
and i don't hear you anymore.
and suddenly the ground under me has been
dragged away, and i didn’t even know,
and i am left with a hope,
but i am also left with confidence
that we can never fix this,
this black hole that 'we" are in,
the uncomfortable silences is all we have now,
...suddenly i see i have lost you.

1 comment:

Envie said...

Big, fat hug! OMG you are a fabulous writer! I miss you :(