Wednesday, 30 April 2008


"Stay..", I whisper, I crave.
My body and soul, sore from the pain and tears.

It agonizes the strength in me and makes me seep through into weakness. I am strong, we are all strong, but..on some days we need to be cradled in loving arms, like a child who had a fall.

"Stay..", is all I can manage to say. To feel and to think.
Yet they left...while I lay on the floor, in the river of my tears and the sky of my pain. They left. One by one, soul by soul. One more angered than the other. One more stupid than the other, one more helpless than the other.

"Stay..", I scream. The wind carresses and kisses and She's all I have for company. The tears don't stop, I am alone. WE are all alone.

"Stay..", I whisper, I crave.
Why can't it be as simple as that, just stay and we'll figure it all? We'll work towards the future and stay.

Stay with me fade or soar or die or live or or or...but..just stay..

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