Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Loud Saturday!

Saturday was a fun and eventful day!
The auto ride was exceptionally the best thing that ever happened to the driver, for us it was normal.

He made the slight mistake of switching on the radio. I convinced him to switch to the best on radio, 91.9 FM, only English, all the time. Though, the song then was not our favourite, it was easy to sing, and loudly!

Music shifted to Hindi! Old is gold, "Mehaboobha, mehaboobha, ooooooooooo"!
The fact that the song was older than us didn't stop us from singing it as loud as possible! Yes, there were people staring at us, and trying to figure out if the auto had began this journey from Nimhans!

After we got off at our favourite destination, Java City, I thanked the driver, who grinned and said "Nahi madam, thank you!"

We walked into JC, dancing, with Vi wondering what did we smoke!
Music, coffee and Potter mayhem, ended the Saturday!
:) Music is gooooood!