Tuesday, 3 July 2007


On Sunday, Poppy and me were the only ones at Shar Bear's sister's wedding. My Girl Genius couldn't make it. Anyway, I have no idea how the time went by, for first time I wasn't bored at a wedding. It was fun!
My my how much we ate! Even after we left the wedding and ended up at my Girl Genius' house, we just attacked the food there and then attacked the all famous Pizza at JC! It was the attack of the hungry girls! Fun day! Maybe it was the weather! One never knows!

Its been four days since Baby Blue left. And I seem to be missing her, and thinking of her.

I met Lu ((I need to come up with a nick name for her!)) after a really long time! Great conversation! Knowing her strength, I know she'll get through this!

Yes! I know what you are thinking. I have too many female friends! But the boys exist too! ((Grinning!))

RU-by is sick. He has fever. And finally found the perfect house! So he's busy moving in!

Ok. I don't have any other boys to talk about now, but I do have male friends! ((humph! hands folded!))

Yesterday was the day my Girl Genius was born 17 years ago! happy birthday again darlin'!
I was invited for their family dinner, and it was fun!
The best part was she never got to drink, when I was sitting right there with MY glass of chilled beer! ((smilie with its tongue out!))
It felt nice to be sitting there, listening to every sound of a family dinner!
Oh! How I miss it!

Oh well, today is a new day. And I feel sick, yet have some energy left from yesterday!

Radio is blaring with calming songs, and I got a whole bunch of mails to send out, so I'm off...........!!! ((Chaaaaaarrrrrggggeeeeee!!!!!))

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