Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Moving on

Tip of the day: You should not allow your girl / boyfriend to take you for granted.

So, yesterday, the much anticipated 'date' was cancelled.
The friendly cyber 'astro speak' says something I needed a year back. Tip is made note of, for present and future reference.

Anyway, life goes on. People move on. Dreams build and fall.
*sigh* Work life is getting to me. I have begun disliking the search engine. I've been on that site for a long time now. Though I'm sick of it, that's the only online search engine I trust, like many.

I need to start getting things together.
Plan. Execute. Dream. Live.

Friends seem so distant suddenly. Routines are broken. Like I said people move on.
I have no complaints. But, I don't want to wake up in a hospital all alone...

Loneliness is a good friend. It is always there, even when on most days I don't need it.

Its hard. Life.
Look at me, a child, saying such big words! But, I am stating the fact. Even for a child it is hard, so imagine 10 yrs from now. *sigh*

I have lost weight. Too much.
Walked into the college I studied in, and that was one of the comment I heard from every teacher I met. "You were already on the slimmer side, why have you gone down so much?"

One of my friends used to (always) tell me that, in my case, my body reacted to the state of my mind. I don't know if that true or not, but it did happen. Every time I was on an emotional roller coaster, my body would get sick. Every time. It surprised me sometimes. But the depression somehow forced my body to be weak and tired.

Anyway, life is hard. Decision making is hard, and life has too many intances when the choices we make shape the people we become. And when the one person who you trusted leaves and then decides to come back, apologise, say all the right things, it gets harder.

Moving on. The search engine has begun to miss me. I'll leave you with this question: What would you have done, if in my place, in my life?!


Anahi said...

I'm loving the way you write really,
what would i've done if i was in your place? on your shoes? I don't really know... probably the same that you're doing.. I get slimmer and slimmer when i'm stressed out by things aswell.. it's frustrating sometimes >< i feel like a rag doll =/.

Your blog is very interesting to read.. i get ya, the way you post your thoughts here makes me see the world is full of confused ppl, i'm glad LOL cuz i thought i was one of the few.. so it's nice to see i have company in that department.

Keep on bloggin' and don't let things get you down!

MrLongleg said...

You're just going through the process of taking full resposibility for your life and your future - and this can be quite painful. Life is full of difficult choices and in many cases it is hard to tell, if your decision is right or wrong. Only with hindsight you might be able to find out. So you have no choice but learning to recognize your inner voice and listen to it. This voice seems to be always right - at least in my life it was never a good thing to ignore it. And the toughest lesson is learning to say "No!". But unfortunately it is hard to tell which voice is your inner voice when your heart is full of emotions. You need to calm down totally, which is sooo difficult when your heart is on fire.