Friday, 16 November 2007


If there is good and bad, right and wrong and win and loss, how can you have an in between?
And is there an in between?

All the people who step in here, browse through, lets talk about this. Comments would be appreciated, answers welcome!


Jayanth T N said...

Of course there is an in-between. Existence of good and bad, etc doesn't exclude existence of an in-between, does it?

M said...

It's funny. I take photos. Mostly reflections. In water. On facades. Recently I had to write a text about those. And the first thing that came out was that reflections,and the things/people/landscapes reflected helped me breaking this dichotomy of the world that I can't really stand. Because you can't tell what's real what's unreal, what's right what's wrong, empty or full, reflected or reflecting. So it helps.
Sorry for the random weird comment. Your post just struck me at this point in time. Don't even remember how I fell on your blog. Probably from another blog sent by another blog etc.
But yeah, I hope there's an in between. The whole thing is to try and figure it out.

alice said...

the in-between is the gray area where humans live...the gray is the choice/the circumstance that drives a person to either end of the spectrum. the in-between's bring us full circle. the connection between good and bad, right and wrong, winning and and death. without one there can't be the other; and without the gray there can't be either.

Princess Selene said...

very well put indeed!

alice said...

:) thanks