Tuesday, 6 November 2007


To me, from Fatty:

"You had kept your sweater and your shorts in a very funny way..when i entered I thought some kid was lying down on the bed..it was so funny..hahahaha..".

For your information, to understand this, I usually leave my clothes on my bed before I leave home. Which usually happens after my Fatty leaves home, and he is at home before me. We share the room, so he sends me this random sms, as soon as he has entered our room today. It is absolutely funny, that the first thing he did was laugh, then send this to me, without really worrying if I was busy or not.

Also, we have evening classes at our home, and the kids are usually never in any of the rooms (which is because of the "discipline" they have), so he could have been shocked to see a kid in our room, my room. I would never let that happen! So that thought of his surprised-scared-bewildered face makes me giggle some more!!

Simple pleasures! Love them!


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