Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Day 6

28 March 2016

It feels like two heart breaks happened so fast and another almost fixes it. Maybe I would have three heartbreaks in a month. Maybe?

The love that never took flight is hovering all over me. Only I know how much I have to give; I could drown.

But I want to drown with you. 

In sheets, in morning tantrums, in nights with our laughter. 

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OnTheRightSideOfHistory said...

In love with your writing. Have you ever felt like since the day you met someone your life is moving in fast foward? Like you fall in love and it feels like a lifetime that you've been with them. But it's only because you've already lived every beautiful moment you'd ever wanted and more and now you just want it on repeat. It's so magical and then it's lost just as fast. What does fix a heartbreak? Magical moments with someone new or just plain old time, I wonder.