Thursday, 3 March 2016

Poetry for Thought

I know i promised weekly updates, but haven't been able to write. But here is a piece I was working on, not happy with the finish, maybe will re-work over time.

 Title: Hit Repeat

I reach out my arms and touch you,
You hesitate; I hesitate.
You reach out to your glass,
With your other hand.
You hesitate; I hesitate.
Heart beats faster, even as I write this,
Thinking of you, your hesitation.
The room fills up, noises everywhere,
Yet, I only see you, hear you.
We leave, you leave,
Do you have to leave?
Don’t go screams my heart;
As I struggle to let go of your fingers around mine.
And in a flash, the evening comes to an end,
And I sit here hitting repeat on memories.

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