Monday, 14 May 2007

Lets Go Red!!

Anamika seems to have been tired, of late. Tired of what, is something I'm trying to figure out. Maybe its in the water! Or the air!!? You never know!

The common thing to do when someone is irritable is to leave them alone. Yes, that is the common thing to do. But this Princess can't. I can't leave people I care for alone. Even though it is sometimes necessary!
Yes, I am irritating by nature! Family trait, I think!

Saturday evening was spent in vain, trying to make her laugh with the worse kind of jokes in the world! How I made a fool of myself. I think everyone at my table thought I needed to get myself into a mental correctional jail! Including Anamika!
Its not a new experience for me or my friends. I get high on air sometimes!! :D Its just how I am.

The evening ended with my failed attempts of making her remotely close to smiling! Which she did, at some point of my not-funny-jokes!
All my failed efforts were worth it, as it was for someone I care for! I'm just a softie at heart! I just love everybody a little too much!! Hope you feel elated soon, my Anamika!! I'm always here to irritate you, until you reach the highest level of patience with me!! MUAH!! "I'll be two steps behind...."

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ontherocks said...

tat is our song!!!!!
unless this anamika female is...!
u know!