Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Why can't I end it now??

We are born. We learn to talk, walk, eat, drink, run, dance sing. Then we grow up, learn some more things. And at a supple age we are taught to dream of that Prince Charming, who we WILL, most definitely, marry. Yes, we are taught to think that!

Then when we are old enough to understand marriage is really hard, we end up dreaming of everlasting love. It exists, no doubt about that!

Then the lucky ones, among us, end up finding it. Feeling complete. Marring. Living happy lives. With children, who makes them feel equally complete. Who they bring up with utmost care and love. And who have strong moral grounds. They are a family.

The others, think they have found love. Marry. Then find out they don't come close to completing their sentences. But they already have children. Who they love, and don't want to abandon. So, they try, harder and harder, to stay together for those little ones. Being in an Indian society forces them to rethink divorce a million times. And the development in the field of child psychology, helps them rethink divorce for their children's sake. Among these, there are those who don't think, just abandon those who he/she loved just a few years back. And walk away from everything that was perfect, and isn't any more.

So finally life comes down to- being born, growing up, fornicating, reproducing, helping the reproduced grow up and reproduce on their own and then end the long journey of life.

Why can't I end it now???


RastaQueen said...

...... Because you still have more to learn and yet to find.

nutcase said...

Because everything changes...yet remains the same

uselessspan said...

hmmmm i have an answer.... if every one tought that tthey wanna end it now.. there would be no one who'd wanna live .. so the whole concept of someone else thinkin that"i wanna do it now will be eradicated " its the simplest way to keep the history's clock tickin!!