Wednesday, 27 February 2008


me: where ba
u disappeared only
good morning by the way
11:53 s*: hi ba mornin
hows your sunday?
me: good..
11:54 but yea
11:55 s*: ok ba
me: wat u did?
11:56 everyone was asking for u

10 minutes
12:06 s*: shit yeah ba was so fed up with my phone was only gettin me in trouble so put it on silent n buried it in my bag.... suddenly at 2 in the morn woke up n realised i had no alarm cha sad then with eyes half closed went huntin for it... traumatic it was
12:07 went to st johns ba... some disastrous concert type thingy it was so bad tht it was funny
12:08 me: atleast u tripped on it right?
so it wrks out..
s*: yeah ba as a last resort it was either kill myself or be amused
12:09 me: be amused is th choice i see..
s*: wht yu did?
me: :)
nothing, came home, watched tv, ate, dozed off on the sofa..woke up at 5
ran out, met some friends near home
ended up at ****
went home
12:10 extemely bored ba
and now i am so so so sleepy
s*: jus pass out on desk for a bit ba. it helps
me: i did already

13:02 me: what do u call sants's helpers?
13:05 >santa's

9 minutes
13:14 s*: wht ba?
13:17 me: subordinate clauses! :)

27 minutes
13:45 s*: good one ba
13:46 me: :)

39 minutes
14:25 s*: now am goin
14:26 me: wow..
very quick response i must say
s*: hee hee was busy ba wht to do

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