Wednesday, 27 February 2008


this is a chat from 2007, august. the boys that both of us a referring to have turned out to be IDIOTS! but isn't this a cute chat?? :)

16:18 Lu: he is committing suicide of our relationship


me: he s dying or the relationship?

16:19Lu: he is murdering the relationship

me: ahhh

wat he say?

Lu: he depressed it seems

16:20me: :)

tel him to screw himself


13:23me: should change ur pic too

Lu: y

13:24me: why not

13:25Lu: podi

me: u podi

11:48me: did u sleep?

11:52Lu: no

11:55me: why not?

Lu: wait

11:56me: waiting

Lu: busy man wait

23:01me: its a question


he kissed me

on the cheek

Lu: wat the fuck

oh ok

i was just gonna

me: ya

Lu: ask if you kissed him back

me: so cutely

Lu: lol

how cutely

23:02me: cos i have fever..take care and kissed me


Lu: awwww

23:06 me: i know..

so cute

Lu: hmmm


me: i asked wat do u do when the hope tht was floating drowns

Lu: you just build another one to float

23:07me: hmm..

wat if its all drowned

Lu: thats the beauty of hope

you can always generate new

not only renew it

but create more

23:08me: hmm


why u got pissed when i said he kissed me

Lu: i dint

i was excited

wrong emotion


23:09me: ohhhh


so how it is going


------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>> Sometimes the internet helps, talks and consoles.

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