Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bangalore Love!

Work took me far away from all the city noises, yesterday, to the Bangalore's IT centre (that's what i hear its called!). ITPB. Yes, the name has been changed from ITPL to ITPB. The word limited has been changed to Bangalore. Now that facts have been established, lets get down to the thoughts that surged through me in that place.

Sometimes i just like watching. Watching people function. I was in their territory. No ID card dangling down my neck, so THEY all knew that i was an outsider. I watched these 'techies', sipping on coffee, dragging hard on cigarettes, but mostly quiet.

They didn't try to make long conversations with the collegues around. The coffee and cigarettes mattered, i guess!
Then i heard, that this HUGE property(For people who have never seen the place, to give you an idea, the property can fit atleast five garuda malls, excluding the front "lawn area", which is barren by the way!), belongs to a person who has leased it out for 99 years. The place which hold 18,000 odd employees, doesn't even completely own its office space. Its amazing how the system works. Now, im curious, who the owner is! Maybe he has a son! Who's single and not gay!
As i walked out those gates, i stood for moment and looked at the place. Trying to form a small picture to save in my memories.
99 years is the assured period. What will happen after??

Out of city limits cost us a bit too much. So the ride back into familiarity was in a bus. Pushpak. Till MG road. The joy of travelling by a bus is inexplicable. I can't explain why i can smile watching a mother of three, convince the driver into letting the two elder children sit on the gear box. While she stands cradlling the younger one in her arms. Trying to get the child to look at all the "didis" and "aunties" in the bus, laughing with her child.

It is a sense of happiness that i feel in the confines of a BMTC bus.
Have you ever "foot boarded" a bus?? I have. Dangling outside, with 98% chances of falling off the moving bus and being seriously injured and with 95% of your body outside, and just your feet inside, crammed among many other feet! The feeling is simply amazing!
I like watching the driver shift gears. I just perfected my driving skills, so i take pride in being able to guess the gear the driver is on. And I'm right 9 out of 10 times! I like trying to form an explanation of why he didn't press down on the clutch while he changed the gear. Yes, the bus drivers sometimes don't use clutch. I'm still devising a theory about its reasons.
In a bus, i can see all the people trying their level best to squeeze between eachother, hold on to metal bars with one finger, sometimes, and yet smiling when you get off. These are the smiles that hold us all together. The smiles that are the soul of this city!

Im falling in love with Bangalore all over again!

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