Thursday, 29 March 2007

My beloved Red & Black!

Another day. Another sky. And i walk out of home with my dirty red bag and black shawl. I don't go to college or school, yet I carry that red bag. It is not winter, yet I have that black shawl around my neck.

The red bag doesn't contain anything important, all it has is a novel which I've been reading for almost 6 months and a long note book which I use to write down my thoughts. "Shantaram", is the book, which is as thick (or even thicker) as the "Bhagavath Geetha". I don't have the time to read it, expect when I'm waiting for someone at a cafe, yet I carry it with me! And I don't write while I'm at work. So, I really don't require the bag.

The black shawl ,hmmm, I'm still trying to figure out why i carry it around so much.Maybe because it has too many memories and smells attached to it!! I simply cannot leave home without it! I got it from a junior, in college. She was specifically told to get only a black one and nothing else. I carried it to Goa. A place where I do not need to wear anything that's black. It is a mystery why I took it there!

Two things you'll never find me without. Even if im dressed for a party the bag and shawl will find its way into the DJ console! There is always something that each person cannot let go. There are too many memories attached to these silly, materialistic things. Someday, we will rise to the occasion and "dispose" these items. Until that day, you will recognise me with a red bag on my shoulders and a black shawl around my neck...............!


Tisha said...

This is great info to know.

Wickedcookie said...

i wemember!! do you still wear that red tee as much also? :)
and did you ever wear that goshdarned skirt n blouse i gave you? *mutters obscenities*

Princess S / Kishmish said...

ahem..... red tee not any more! and

purnima said...

If it were not for the red bag and the black shawl then you would be one in the crowd. These two make you different from the rest of the commons.