Friday, 30 March 2007

Words. Its Magic.

Kiss. Its touch. The erotica. Its wetness. The craving. The breathlessness.

Lips. The beginning. The end. The desire.

Sex. The rush. The passion. The desire. The hunger. The movement. The pain. The pleasure. The heaven. The hell. The man. The woman. The instinct. The serenity.

Hell. Her wrath. Her love. Her hate.

Heaven. Her warmth. Her love. Her hate.

Dream. Its comfort. Its vividness. Its capture.

Friends. Their support. Their belief. Their love. Their hate. Their trust.

Family. Their support. Their hopes. Their fears.

Life. The possibilities. The probabilities. The hurt. The joy.

Death. The curiosity. The aftermath. The pain. The peace.

Simplicity. A need. An idea. A wish.

Words. The magic. The power. The emotions.

Shakespeare. His ability. His emotions. His advice. His love. His tragedy. His words.

School. The second home. The innocence.

College. The responsibilities. The mistakes. The life.

Work. The survival. The future.

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