Friday, 30 March 2007

Poetry for thought!

For my Anamika

In portals of technology i found you,
In times of unwanted boredom.
No. You are not just a pass time,
I'd never feel that way about you.
These conversations, words typed in
A time of a black haze, have meaning.
For me, in these confusing times,
You have secured a small place in my heart.
Yes, it is the brutal truth,
YOu have a role to play in this stranger's life.
A hope of friendship lingers through,
A hope of the future experiences.
Pains of friendships to be felt,
And joys of life......
Waiting to take this further my ANAMIKA,
My "old" friend..
Someday,when you decide to disappear,
Hope this stranger's memories will be etched in your book of memories.

--this i wrote in fifteen mins..

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