Thursday, 29 March 2007

Not-Joy Ride!!

2:20 PM
Work required me to be at ITPB again, today. The journey to the destination was one of the most difficult. A small two-wheeler, popularly known as the Luna, was our only means of transport.
The most primitive form of a two-wheeler! No shock absorbers. No basic comfort. Not easy. On other circumstances this could've POSSIBLY, I repeat possibly, been a joy ride. Unfortunately it wasn't. How I wish it was, but it wasn't!! How I wish it was a dream, but it wasn't!
I'm a young girl with a severe back problem. These journeys are not recomended by my trustworthy doctor. Half way through, I felt like a cave man had hit me hard, with his worthy club! It hurt too much. The sun gleamed and had burnt every inch. The pain on my spine increased the sensitivity of my skin. It felt like the sun was laughing and teasing me, increasing the temperature, slowly. After a point, on the road, I distracted myself with fantasies of the lake, which we passed by. The cool breeze soothed my inner tigeress. I felt calmer. One slope down and the pain returned, the irritation returned, the excruciating pain returned. Finally after 1 hour and 45 minutes of travel, we had reached. When i got off i couldn't feel my legs, I couldn't feel a thing. I set my mad hair straight, and walked into ITPB, ignoring the security incharge, letting my co-worker handle the man's questions.

As i got closer to our designated spot, I realised I had to climb down the flight of stairs. At every step, all I could feel was pain. The right side of my body hurt more than the rest. Finally the journey down the stairs ended. The relief i felt was only for a few seconds. Few heavenly seconds.

Now ((2:30 PM)), one hour after, I still feel the pain and I still can't feel my legs. Pen, paper and these words have distracted me for a while.
Numbness and Pain have rushed into a relationship under the roof of my body. I'm irritated. I'm in pain. I could have fever. My eyes are burning. My head is throbbing. And i just realised, the journey back to the confines of my office will be the SAME! The agony!

4:30 PM
Back at office now. My jeans wet with sweat(eww). My hair tangled. My eyes red and burning. I think my skin colour has changed to one shade darker! But the pain remains. The numbness continues.
This seems to be a painful day! The pain I have to live with for a few more days or weeks! And if I visit my doc in these days, I have to be prepared for a ten min long lecture on how I'm being careless! Now the decision to make is to either head home and crash or to go complain about my day to my friends!
Hmmmm...."to be or not to be; that is the question!"

((Stating time as the time on the blog is soooooo wrong!))

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