Monday, 24 September 2007

Lisa Love

"Does she breath?
I feel her breath on my skin,
Am I dreaming??
Lisa, she's gone,
A fire that was red, is blue,
The sky that was blue is red.
A soul of such passion and grace is gone,
I can feel her breath on my skin,
Her lavender scent is still fresh."

These are the moments that define us, when all hope seems to have disappeared, and nothing but emptiness remains. These moments test us, our endurity, our faith.
When death conquers our world, we see everything from under the blanket of sorrow.
This Sorrow wraps us in her warm, comforting arms, and never lets us go.

Death has won over Lisa. She will never see the sky again, or the bright moon.

Sorrow will slowly vanish, and only be virtual. But the sorrow from caused by Death, will never leave. Every day, every hour, it will haunt you. Every scent, every colour will search your mind for a memory, which can never be again. A memory which can never be tangible again. Even memories of happiness will never make you laugh with joy again, but only smile in sorrow.

"Lisa love, you are gone now,
And every moment is harder than the before."

And then, years will go by, sometimes with clousure, sometimes not.
Yet, the sorrow will stay. Maybe over the years we will cherish the memories, and convince ourselves that the deceased would want you to be happy.

And we forget and forgive (Maybe), and smile with the wind and dance in the rain.

And wait, wait to be with her again.

"Sorrow consumes me, my love,
But the thought of you comforts my soul.
I can always have your near,
Always love you, even after the graves disappear.
Maybe I can't see you my love,
But the memories keep you alive.
It won't be long, my blue eyed Lisa,
I will be closer, and lose myself all over again in your eyes."

"Days go by and still I think about you...."

((23rd September 2007))


100hands said...

Whoa, on September 23rd. A night-coloured headache!

Gowtham said...

I am sorry i am commenting on a article written by someone I don’t even know.. anyway the only thing I wanted to say was I think you agree with whatever people say I say this cause I read u r comments in my friends(shine) blog and I felt it… sorry if I am wrong 