Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Poetry For Thought

Cascade No 3

I dream of colours,
Black, blue and yellow,
Of love, hope and life.

Black love surges through,
Suffocating the life in me, yet,
I dream of colours.

Tears stream down,
Staining my skin in
Black, blue and yellow.

Dreams end and begin,
And bring the spirit
Of love, hope and life.

-19 September 2007

The above form of poetry is called "Cascade". I have been trying my luck with this style, yet to master it.

As you can notice, the first paragraph is the spine of the poem. As a rule, the 1st line must be the last line of the 2nd paragraph, 2nd line as the last line of the 3rd paragraph and the 3rd line as the last line of the 4th paragraph. The number of paragraphs solely depend on the number of lines in the 1st paragraph.


Hari Potter said...

I don't know whether poetry by numbers works for me. I'm more a believer in Wordsworth's "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" rather than Eliot's 'catalyst' hypothesis.

On a less literary note, I really liked your last two poems either way. :)

Kold Koffee said...

"spontaneous overflow of emotions" it is!

i love ur poems more than ur writ-ups. maybe its something 2 do with d fact tat d poet in me always awakens wen i read breathtaking, soul-searching pieces like urs!

keep d lyrics flowing kris babyee. [/)]