Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Things to do on Facebook:
1] Stare at the homepage.
2] Add and delete applications.
3] Change profile picture.
4] Find friends, even though you cannot see their profiles. And then stare at their profile picture and wonder if it is the same person.
5] Poke friends, and sometimes chuck a book at them.
6] Write on walls.
7] Stare at the homepage.
8] Stare at your profile.
9] Log out and log in again after a few minutes.
10] Change status messages and wait for the number of minutes to be calculated.
11] Go through other people pictures, as you have none.
12] Ponder upon how they have so much time to click these pictures, edit them and put them up on FB.
13] Ponder upon leaving the social site, then decide against it.
14] Wonder if there will ever be a community dedicated to you after you die.
15] Yawn while staring at the homepage
16] Check if any friends are online, if they aren't wonder how they wrote on your wall at the same time.
17] Wonder why FB has almost 55 million people.
18] Stare at the homepage, yawn.
19] Use an application, finally.
20] Stare at the homepage, and then log out..


RastaQueen said...

It's amazing how so much staring still won't make us leave the site.
It's addictive.
I'm louving it, magga.

Eagle said...