Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Things to do after watching a movie (before going to bed):
1] Wonder if life could be that simple.
2] Wonder if life could be that complicated.
3] Ponder over the number of takes in the whole movie.
4] Watch the credits, and remind yourself to remember to download these songs fom Limewire the next day.
5] Imagine how the actors look without make up.
6] Smile at yourself.
7] Watch all the ads. And be amazed at the patience you have in the middle of the night to watch ads.
8] Try not to fall asleep. Even though you have to wake up early the next day.
9] Change channels to find another movie to watch.
10] Yawn.
11] Stick to VH1 for sometime, songs are always entertaining.
12] VH1 classic is not so much fun when sleep tries to take over, so change the channels again.
13] Watch some more ads.
14] Finally switch off the TV.
15] Call your friend to see if he/she's awake.
16] Ask her/him if he/she saw the movie on TV, and discuss it regardless.
17] Then say you are going to bed and hang up.
18] Walk around the house, drink water.
19] Snuggle into bed, stare at the window for a bit.
20] Be motivated to persue acting. Yawn, then fall asleep.

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