Friday, 7 December 2007

Poetry for thought

Title: We

The distance between us grows,
The silence between us screams.
The children between us dance,
And the moments between us fade.
Our bodies move as one,
But our soul doesn't merge.
Our eyes meet and greet,
But our mind doesn't sync.
We talk,
But we say nothing.
We kiss,
But our lips part in 5 seconds.
We smile,
But we don't.
I think its time to say,
We need to talk.



Eagle said...

Sweet :D

M said...

but when 'we' are silent, it can be so utterly beautiful too sometimes. Like, no word for it!
I think words are too powerful on me, and silence is too powerful to handle too. (yeah I know I'm kind of stuck... ) any advice? I'm kind of lost... Wish I could speak with images and people would just understand...Thanks for your French note some time back.
Keep it up!

Princess Selene said...

a picture speaks a thousand maybe we don't see what you saw, but we see a thousand other stories in a picture that you not to worry, your picture means different things to different people..

and sometimes its nice to be in betwee, quiet yet talkative...i am stuck too..but i guess all we can do is to be here, stay here..and one, as we.. :)

Muddled Mind said...

I love this poem..its that moment when you realize...very very interesting images in teh first few lines..well done! :)