Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Cafes & Simple pleasures

It is that time of the day again, when work is done ((supposedly)), and I have to visit a cafe. There are no friends, already waiting. There are no such commitments. Yet I make sure I go and make people come there. If I have the time, that is. Sometimes work gets hectic, busy, those are the days I go home straight.

All the known waitresses have left. So only boys for small talk ((I say boys because they are)). All of them are timid in their own ways. But one always captures my attention, literally. He makes sure he waves and says "Hi!" when I enter. Today I paid more attention than normal, and noticed that he has the most mischievous smile I've ever seen. Not in a literal way, though. His whole face lights up when he smiles, always followed by a wince of his expressive eyes.

He waits for me to look at him and respond. It is amazing that he holds so much patience in him. The simple pleasures of life!

The other fellow, always trys to slip in a menu card, when he knows I don't need it. And today finally realized my regular order and brought it to me before I asked. A bottle of mineral water. Always, is my first request. Anywhere. Anytime.

After I struggle, trying to open the sealed bottle, I hand it over to him. He eventually carries it back inside to get his superior to open it. Finally after the journey into many hands, the bottle came back to me. The sheer joy of drinking water is inexplicable!! The simple pleasures of life!

And then I finally re-open the book that I have been reading for centuries. The story takes over. The vivid memories of imaginary streets and people fill my thoughts. The book captures, yet I'm distracted. Finally, friends arrive. And the trusty phone, with good music is in my hand. Music blares for a while, then I finally decide to head home. Surprising my friends, for it way too early for my curfew to have kicked in. Yet, I walk away, knowing I will enter a empty house.

So, I'm signing off today, with thoughts of an empty house. Ahh! The simple pleasures of life!!

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Sharanya said...

An empty house! Haven't experienced that in so long! Nice blog baby...like the way you write!