Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Justin & Blogs

Justin Timberlake. His songs on background. Its not easy to ignore the song. I'm trying, though. "Don't want to think about it.Don't want to talk about it.I'm just so sick about it.Can't believe it's ending this way.Just so confused about it.Feeling the blues about it.I just can't do without you.Can you tell me, is this fair?"((singing out loud)). So simple. So truthful. Aren't there moments when you don't want to think about it, talk about it?? Yes there are. I have them. You have them. We all do!

I haven't officially signed off today! Didn't expect to be this idle at my friend's place, that I'd end up updating my blog!

Anyway, moving on. I make sure I check all my friends' blog, as often as possible. For one they are good! For the other, it gives me a reason to force them to read mine! ((Evil laugh!! e-ha-ha-ha!!))
My Girl Genius has a habit, yes habit, of writing about me! Not bad! I love all of them, regardless, if it is for me or not! But now, her blogs fill up with words about me! ((tut tut))

On a calmer note, it feels good that someone thinks of me so much. Words I said have left an impact. Good. Finally. Anyway, I'm sure this one, this Girl, will make it big in the area of writing. Cheers to you my Girl Genius!

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RastaQueen said...

Anyone who inspires me, goes up on my blog.
Right now, you top the list.

And you can't say i don't inspire you either! :-D