Friday, 27 April 2007

Wait! Bring me a trumpet!!!

Why is it that I'm waiting for all the wrong people to fall for me? I mean they are not stupid or something like that. Its just they don't fall for me. People with great personalities and people who do, in some remote way, care for me, don't want to take the relationship one step higher.
I know I'm a great friend. I take pride in it. But why do all these people want to leave it at that?

I'm waiting for men who don't want me. And soon I'll be waiting for every one who doesn't want me. Men, women, children, birds, animals. Ok. Maybe not!! :)

But I can't stop thinking of these men that I, so religiously wait for. Especially one. One man. I am waiting for him to be mine, forever. Though I know that the chance of that happening is very low!
Yet I wait for him. Wishing, hoping, dreaming that he'll want me back.

So for now, I'm waiting for men who don't want me. And I'm still a nomad. And I'm still single. I'm proud and single and waiting for men who don't want me!!!
So------ Chaaaaaaaaaaarge!!! ((Loud trumpet sounds))

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Sharanya said...

\ ____________
l /

If that looks anything like a trumpet, you can keep seem to need it a lot! :) Nice post